Loving you is like…

What do you do when after going along for such a long period you get to hear that you’re no good? That all you’ve done, all the things you bore for them, all the times that you messed up with your very near and dear ones for someone, is just to be in vain. That someone has just no feelings about you anymore. No, nothing. Everything is gone. All the intimations, plans, memories, laughters, joys, sorrows, gone. All that is left is a void.

I would feel humiliated, and suicidal. Or maybe I d just turn around and give them a lesson of their life for treating me like that. Or, or, or…

Thats pretty much exactly what is happening to the “intimate” relationship of Pakistan with the mighty USA. Being a Pakistani I could very well feel the humiliation. Amerika! We loved you from the very deepest depths (sic) of our hearts! If you do this to us, then we’ll be getting nowhere. We’ve sacrificed ourselves, pimped our brethren for you, quashed our own people, and you still think we are not good. That our F-16s wouldnt be of any significant advantage to us? And that you think we’ll use them against terrorists in Wana and for search-and-rescue operations?

How naive could we be.

I am not going along with all this hype of Amerika actually selling those planes to Pakistan unless the first batch arrives. I hope that it does, but dont believe it until you see it. Amerika is offering India the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft, that is the most modern and versatile aircraft currently in production. Talk about business strategies. When will we open our eyes and stop spending hard-earned money on these baits. My Indian friends, you guys ponder on this too.


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