F U C G (AM)

News Flash: According to the latest news Computer Graphics CS418 is very essentially fucked. It’s very essentially, discreetly, sweetly, damningly fucked. Really.

You couldn’t possibly justify 10 out of 42, the semester work. Though, these marks are without the project, and without the first midterm, but still. Gives me the creeps. Project is worth 8, and the greater-than-life Atika said she’ll do something about the first mid, possibly fixing it somewhere from the final.

The Final.

I’ll have this gap of six days between the Algo and NP papers, but then CG is immediately after NP. Immediately as in the very next day. And NA the same immediately after CG. Now what should I study.

Hummmph I ll need some consolation. Someone please wipe my tears. And don’t ask me to withdraw Graphics. Shivers run through me when I think of the word withdraw. Poor me.

Much ado has been for the cartoon in Washington Times. But then, somebody pointed out that the dog in question is infact a bloodhound. Now that is a very special breed of dogs. Atleast we have been portrayed as the best and the most expensive as dogs can be. That’s really flattering, since Britain has been portrayed as a mongerel. So we are the best dogs.

But still, a dog.

Recent search engine referrals (I’m getting loads of hits these days thanks to search engines):
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2 Responses

  1. cheap helmets
    goo “the fuck” gle
    ya gle goo hoo

    hahahaha. some of them i tell u are downright funny. there’s one in particular i haven’t mentioned but it had me laughing pretty hard.

  2. Lol, I dont mind you mentioning it here 😛

    Waisay that goo “the fuck” gle wala banda even left a comment! Just check it out 😉

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