Hungry souls that landed on my blogs through search engines recently had the following search terms:
“Sexy girls of Pakistan” (hot term!)
“Hot hot Saagi”
“orkut Pakistan”
“Sexy girls in Faisalabad”
“Sexy pictures of Meera in Nazar film”
“term end results december 2004”
“Sexy shalwar kameez”

The finals schedule is out, and its really fucking pissing me off. I ve got three papers scheduled back-to-back! And there is this huuuuge gap between the Algo and Network Programming papers! Duhhh! I hate the administration.

I’ve sent them a mail, thrashing them out. Let’s see what happens.

Meanwhile I gotta study, okay? Exams are starting from next monday!

PS I took part in the discussion on Manav’s blog because it felt interesting, and it is. Just that they should know of our viewpoint on the partition and we should know theirs. Its kinda good, and safe. And we’re fucking tired of all the hostilities anyway. So lets be friends with ’em.

Lemme know if its wrong…


8 Responses

  1. why do u think ppl will think it wrong? besides what you do is nobody’s business.

  2. Yar Extiinct, we live in a highly fragile society. And despite all the recent advancements, India is still a topic anyone could lash about.

    And besides that, you’ll care more about your family, right?

  3. Society’s only as fragile as you make it. Hatheli ka Phapola bana ke rakhenge to phoonk phoonk ke qadam rakhne parenge. i say wash your hands and jump around, most people will prolly run miles away, thus no trouble. and the ones that decide to stick around, ignore them. they’ll sulk away themselves sooner or later.

    As for family, ofcourse i care more about them. They’re my first priority but i’m not sure how family fits in here:S

  4. Yer, there you go. My nation is my family, and they’re the first priority.

    And as you say that what we do is nobody else’s business, think about the recent post about that cartoon you put up. What Pakistan did was nobody’s business, according to you. But then, look at the shame they’ve got to encounter.

    Do I make myself clear now? 🙂

  5. How can the whole nation be your family? that’s a huge burden to carry. besides will you term every tom, dick and harry as your brother/sister etc as long as they’re from your nation?

    And what Washington Times did was nobody’s business. Pakistan simply played the sour loser.
    How does taking part in a dialogue with indian counter-parts bring shame to you?
    okay i’ll modify it a bit:) : “As long as we’re not doing anything morally/ethically wrong it should be no body’s business.

  6. Hmm, yeah, every tom, dick and harry is my family if he/she is my fellow countrymen.

    And if what everybody do is nobody’s business, then this world will go to chaos. There’ll be no law and order, no simplicity. Nobody could be held accountable for anything. Everyone would get a free hand to do whatever they wanted to.

    So that’s where “if we’re not doing anything morally/ethically wrong it should be nobody’s business wala scene” comes in.

    And no I never said that interacting with my Indian counterparts would bring me shame, nor I implied that anywhere. Its just that there are some folks out there who read my blog, but are too shy to post comments on it. And they discuss it with me like physically. So I like just wanted to ask them to comment here 🙂

  7. Dude, I’m humbled by your noblity, truly I am. I give no further arguments.

    You didn’t get any comments from the people who don’t comment, instead you got opinionated, interfering ol’ me:P

  8. Heheh, I guess I wont persuade them anymore. Some people just can’t learn 😦

    Its good that atleast I am getting a differing opinion here. But its twice in recent days that I’ve run into people (read girls) that claim they like to keep differing opinions of everything!

    Its good, really.

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