Stupid Gulab Jamun

Eria: What do you guys like, mithai or ras-gullay?
Me: Mithai, ofcourse. But I don’t like ras-gullay, Mom and Dad do.
Eria: Okay, which one?
Me: Gulab Jamun is the best.

We were in a mithai (sweet) shop when this conversation took place. And ofcourse, being a Gulab Jamun freak I didnt want to miss the chance of having them, and woh bhi a whole kilo!

When I am in a mithai shop I am like a kid, I can take all of the mithais and still wont feel satisfied. So that was the case that day, too. Although I was drooling over Besan kay laddoo (sorr folks I dont know the English version of mithais), I kinda sacrificed them for the old faithful Gulab Jamun.

And the result? Seemed like those shithead mithai house people put a whole kilo of sugar instead of Gulab Jamuns, sugar painted brown and made in round lumps.

Aargh, I still feel the taste in my throat. Now I know how the diabetic people feel like.

Curse them mithai walas!


5 Responses

  1. hey u like sweets itna saraaaa!!!! i didnt know!!! chalo ab mai tumharai liyeh mithae laya karoongi jab merai ghir ayia karaigi to!!! 😛

  2. Lol I like gulab jamuns too, but chum chums are better.

  3. Mein kyoon aaon tumharay ghar? Fuzool time nahin merey pas 😛

  4. khush fehmian dekho zara logon ki!!!
    i said ….. jab merai ghir mithayee ayaigi to i’ll bring it for u!!!
    n i didnt say k jab tum aogai merai ghir to i’ll give u some mithayees!!! lozer ppl!!!

  5. WhateVER 😛

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