23rd March – Pakistan Day

Well, its Pakistan Day after all. We all should be glad that this day happened.

And I think about the significance of this day, and the meaning it carries in our lives. Come on, for the most of my life it has been just another holiday – moreso when I landed at university. This day is one of those holidays that the whole country observes. And damn my university, it doesnt believe in local holidays!

This day is like a minor version of August 14. There are no jhandian, no flags fluttering on roof tops, no badges, stickers, paper caps, valiant men etc. Bus there is that parade at Constitution Avenue, Islamabad, in the morning that makes it sound something worthwhile; and ofcourse the Khabarnama with its reporting of the various medals held out by the President, and local constituents.

Apart from that, there is nothing worthwhile. The whole day passes just lolling around.

The Pakistan Day Parade was of intrigue when I was young. I used to get up early then, too. Young when you are impressed by the military might, the khaki uniforms, the soaring airplanes, the deadly missiles. All of these feelings subside when you get to know that your are the victim of discrimination.

But, what the heck! I am still a Pakistani at heart. And I’ll remain that forever.

Somehow I got up early enough today to catch the last moments of the Parade being broadcast on PTV. My father being an enthusiast [its also a way of waking up snoring sloths], the TV was on with full volume. The President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, was there too, with Prez Musharraf and PM Shaukat Aziz. Maybe Karzai is too keen to make friends with Pakistan. He’s here on every national holiday.

And when the planes were soaring [and roaring] by, in the quest to look at them earnestly, the Jinnah Cap that is always to be found on Mr. Karzai’s head, dropped to the ground. The scene was very amusing for Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz, the military brass, even the guard that was on duty. Karzai had a sheepish smile on his face, and for the rest of the ceremony, the cap was nowhere to be seen.

My advice to Mr. Karzai, keep firm hold of your topi, there are a lot of people here who love to play with topis!


14 Responses

  1. chalo koi baat nahi!! …… now wait for ur children n phir un k sath beth k apnai shok purai karna!! 😛

  2. Konsay shoq merey?


  4. Reading what u have written is to an extent quite disgusting.Calling yourself a “Pakistani at heart” when you’re at the same time stating that the day the resolution of forming the country you are a citizen of was made is one with”nothing worthwhile”.You should be ashamed of yourself and its pakistanis like you who jsut sit and talk that are the cause of many of our countries problems.

  5. Rabiya: I found your comment quite amusing. As I reread the post, I didn’t find anything “discriminatory” or “humiliating” that might cause any problems about my beloved country.

    I even tried to read the post with a negative point of view. Still, nothing. Zilch.

    I wonder how people fail to understand the humor between the lines. Probably, to detect that needs an open mind, which, sadly, a major portion of our population lacks.

    For the record: this was a light-hearted post, and I discussed it in the scenario of how it is celebrated in the modern times. Thanks for your comment.

  6. ok..whtever..just tell me one more thing..
    “All of these feelings subside when you get to know that your are the victim of discrimination.”
    wht do u mean by this??

  7. Rabiya: There are a lot of kids that dream of being a soldier, pilot or sailor. They nurture this dream for years and when they finally get to the point where they can try out for it, they find out that they have been discriminated against in favor of the people from the privileged province.

    Probably you haven’t experienced it around you as you hail from Lahore, but the reality is so.

  8. how old are u??
    are u refering to punjab as the priveleged province??

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  10. Any idea of how I will stop snoring ever since I got pregnant I appear to snore all of the time.

  11. happy Pakistan day 23 march 2010 to all Pakistani male and female from your brother

    Amjad Ali
    jeddah saudi arab

  12. it seems to be nice that u love ur pakistan,mostly the ppl who leave their country jus 4 the sake of mony or an other reasonz,4get their country….but hat’s off to you bro u remember ur pakistan TODAyY which is the most important day 4 all of us…we proud to be a pakistani…

  13. I love you pakistan

  14. Pakistan ki paak sir jamin par ham jese hindusttan ke musalma no ko to bulavo………:)

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