Meera: on the kiss

Well, it wasn’t so big an issue that has been made out of it. What the heck, our girls need to get out there and prove themselves too. And its all in the trade. What she did was only a kiss, and that too on the screen, nobody gets to the directors when they use the casting couch?

Here is what Meera has to say:

Other than one scene in which my character receives a peck on the neck by her lover after they declare their love for each other, the film is spotlessly clean. Did they want me to act in a burqa even if the role didn’t demand it?

Yeah, do you want to make an art film? Just think of that, Meera, in a burqa throughout the film. Gee, I wouldnt wanna see that!

I’ve done nothing in Nazar that hasn’t already been done by all the popular actors of the Indian screen, whom everyone watches with great enthusiasm in Pakistan. I’ve worked with an international team and represented my country globally, and Pakistanis should be proud of it.

Ofcourse, Meera jee, we are proud of you. You are indeed representing your country, and making Pakistan known throughout the world for its plump heroines that plot to ensnare foreign film directors.

This is just the beginning. I plan to do some more movies in India and hopefully will star opposite Shah Rukh Khan soon. Then I’m looking at Hollywood. I’m taking courses to improve my English and hope to act with Tom Cruise some day.

Ofcourse, you need some courses seriously, improve your English, then set your sights on Hollywood. I am sure they are waiting for you. Indeed Meera, you’re great.

I hope you do star in some Hollywood movies so we could get to see some rated movies of Pakistani babes 🙂

Till then I cross my fingers.



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