Remaking Manwa Re!

One of our excursions at Lahore was the route taken by Ali Noor in his hit song Manwa Re video. Well, not exactly the same route, but remarkably similar. We got to see the Shahi Muhallah. Ab don’t ask me what’s it.

It wasn’t at all like I had imagined it to be, or as these kind of places are portrayed on the screen. They were not sitting outside, no advertisement of their bodies. I’ve heard that a new guy would get a helluva lot of trouble finding the perfect piece, or any piece at that. The Police has connections inside, and the new person without a strong back would land in more trouble then he would bargain for.

The alley was normal, people strolling around, cars going through, normal business without any hint of what goes inside those shabby houses. We caught glimpse of only three or so pros, and they were sitting inside the houses, waiting for customers so that they could make a quick buck.

A strange thing happened too, as we entered the alley [we were there for the first time], there was this eunuch that came directly in the front of our car, and he started showering our car with petals! Imagine that! The first time we are there, phatti pari hai, and then we were a little excited, and this happens to us. Whatever we would do he would not leave his place. We coaxed, cajoled, threatened, threw expletives, but he wont budge. What a scene that would have made. Then he agreed for 10 rupees to leave his place, and we were thankful to God.

Advice: Never stop at these kind of places as they are highly troublesome.

Plus, dont go there if you are weak hearted, and never go there on foot!


3 Responses

  1. aisi jaga dekho he nahi, ghummo phirro he nahi!!! to faida kya bcz is he mai to adventure hai, thrill hai rite???? ……

  2. Haan sahee hai!

    Waisay I’ve had my share of adventures, thrills. I am on the lookout for more, though!

    Contact me if you’ve something in store for me!

  3. nahhhh … sorry i dont have any kind of tafreeh/thirll/adventure for u!!!
    i’ve even had my share of adventures n thrills kuch din pehlai!!! :p

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