Hit, hit, hit!!

Good days dont remain for long. Bad days, they dont remain for short! The Computer Communication and Management marks are declared. So it goes for Databases too, but I couldnt find my final marks in the spreadsheet.

CC got puked by only 1 mark, or I’d have got an A- [in case you dont know, the grade before A- is B+ i.e. 3.33]. Management, I have a B in that [3.00]. I decided to approach Ayaz Ahmed for that 1 mark, but then thought, what the heck, self-esteem bhi aakhir koi cheez hoti hai!

Anyways Databases hasnt got my final marks supplied anywhere, so I cant say how I am faring in that. The final exam itself had puked very nicely, so I cant really expect much, but looking upon other people’s marks in the exam, I can hope something above a 60.

Not that a 60 would help much in my quest of atleast a B, but one should never keep too high a hope, right?

[Damn I still *hope* I get atleast 68 in the final!!!]


One Response

  1. I know [Rolling eyes].

    One should possess a very fine buttering sense in order to succeed at the university level!

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