I just read an astonishing piece of news in Dawn. There was supposedly an incident where a wife beat to death a husband. Astonishing, isnt it? Atleast it is for me. Though the feminists amongst us might be thinking that this is the breakthrough women needed in this society, when men can beat their wives to death, then so could women beat their husbands to death.

But that bears the sign of downfall, of impending doom. The woman has to submit to her man, to obey. She is made just to do that. I am not saying that men have the right to submit their women to torture. But men can right their women’s wrongs, and if by beating it could be done then be it. Women killing their husbands, this could possibly bring the whole working of society into a disarray. And this disarray bids the end of the world. I feel like that. I dont know if its wrong or not, but I dont sure like that.

You can read the whole piece of news here.


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