The wrath descends

Just what I was thinking about. People would be really pissed off with my attitude, but I simply don’t get time to visit the campus. And then all of them, the WebMasters, ProCom WebMasters, ProCom Seminars, Online, almost everybody is pissed off. I got this mail from the chairman WebMasters. Have a look and enjoy.

From: Rabia Sajjad ****>
Date: Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:18 am
Subject: juniors … ya ppl ve xtremely disappointed !!

sorry to say … but juniors ya ppl have xtremely disappointed me !!
2.5 months and no results …
we all r busy .. itz not just ya ppl involved in projects and demos …!!!
we all r committed to webmasters and have put in all of our efforts
but ya ppl … have only come up wid excuses

raheel … tumhari tou khair baat hi karna fazool hai
most of da webmasters don even know who raheel is ….

aur yousuf .. tum ko aik kaam diya tha .. virtual tour ka
theek hai .. ya picked da code from net
java applet mil gai … picture mil dai
atleast configure tou kar letai !!!!
fast ki building dance kar rahi hai in ur virtual tour
it took just 10 mins to configure da thing … and it seems atleast better than wat ya send

2.5 months mein atleast tum loog 2.5 hrs hi contribute kar detai
this is too much and atleast i cant tolerate it

In short, she is pissed off with me, since I sent her the Virtual Tour thingy only a day late, and that she had a resounding verbal beating from Zaki Rashidi on the Internal Programming Competition day. And that anger was passed upon me.

But no, I dont keep favours. Right that day I mailed on the group. Here is my reply:

From: “uXuf”
Date: Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:30 am
Subject: juniors … ya ppl ve xtremely disappointed !!

Oh wow! I agree that I could ve been very disappointing indeed. But that isnt to say that I haven’t put not more than 2.5 hours in it. Do you really think that that virtual tour was that easy? Then go ahead take the pics from me (the ones you sent me) and try making one. Then only you would find how many hours were spent into it. Just try making one large picture of the six crappy ones you provided me with. And with the “Dance” thing, that isnt no dance man, that’s the “autopan” feature, and every virtual tour in the world has this panning enabled. Just look around for some virtual tour, you ll get what I mean.
I am not getting mad but seniors should really think about their workload and could reminisce that would they ve done all this when they were in their junior year?


Well that’s that. I know she is pissed but I cant help it.


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