I think I am through with this damned semester. All the hardwork that had gone into the semester has been wasted, to say the least. That database project, the best and the most comprehensive that I have made in my entire life, now looks so rubbish. God help these TA’s, they don’t have any sense about our hardships. Believe it, she looked at my project and said, “This is what you were making?” Like duhh! How I hate her!

And then there is this new fuss of “Online Registration”, with limited seats. I registered my self but by some quirk of fate my request didn’t reach the advisor. Now the Network Programming seats are finished and the advisor tells me to re-register my self. Who’d make up for my loss of time only God knows.

To say the least I am fucking bored with this all. I am dead in studies, I am bored with the constant puckering of everyone, I am bored with my life! I agree with someone who said that I need a break! I need a break from studies, from home, from her, from everyone!


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