Squirrel Mail and the curse of Differential

Dont know. The Differential Equations curse seems to be hanging over my head, getting involved in everything. It was Databases & Information Retrieval exam today. Had to go fine, but sadly it didn’t. Anyways, the sizzling SquirrelMail story isn’t quite finished. I got a mail from the Webmasters chairperson, she thought I was trying to score points on Ayaz Ahmed, which isn’t the case at all. Here is the mail:

From : Rabia Sajjad
Sent : 18 December 2004 13:13:16
Subject : security hole

hi yousuf

good ya noted da security hole.
i noted it too but dint speak up yet coz i thought da whole webmasters shd know it b4 i put it as a qs at any kinda forum….
ya shd have discussed it b4, either at webmasters forum or wid me, and then forwarded it to ayaz.
ya c .. vr a team and shd b integrated. b4 saying anything to any1 we all shd know abt it.
dont ya think its rite ??
anywayz i appreciate ur observation.

She was mad at me somewhat, but then I mailed her and coalesced into accepting it as it were, I know maybe she had found the problem, or not maybe. I dont care as far as I am content.


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