The Plethora of Squirrel Mail Continues…!

I just got another mail from Ayaz Ahmed. He wants us to look at other Open Source email programs. Now we are one big happy open source family! Here is the mail:

Subject: RE: [Webmasters] Security Hole!
From: Ayaz Ahmed
Date: Sat, December 18, 2004 6:57 am
To: Ovais Khan; Webmasters [Khi]; The Webmasters [Khi]
Cc: Dr. Zubair Shaikh; Rashda Mehmood

Pls look for other opensource email servers with web access like …
Qmail, IBM’s POSTFIX, Courier-MTA, SendMail, Exim…

PS: Why two mailing groups, thewebmasters and webmasters…

Yeah Right! Let’s check some others out. I would suggest going for NeoMail, or Horde. We’ll discuss it after the exams. Chao! (duh…!)


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