Webmasters! (contd..)

From: Rabia Sajjad ****@y…>
Date: Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:29 am
Subject: Re: [thewebmasterz] Website Review!

pic : i agree we’ll replace it as soon as we get a better 1, most probably provided by om1 or yousuf.

committees : it was meant 2 b Committees … newayz good pointings.

labs : content incharge .. ya forgot linux lab, provide da complete contents .. but after finals, don worry for now.

footer : can consider them too.

good reviewing yousuf
xpecting good work from ya in future

Phew! That was close! Finally the *new* Webmasters are starting to get comfortable with my way of working. I was feeling bad, couldn’t do the work they had assigned to me. Primarily, because I had loads of assignments, quizzes and demos on my neck. Secondarily, the PHP guy didnt coordinate with me, maybe because he didnt know! Anyways, now they are happy with me, and I am happy with them. The new Intranet site is good, though with some shortcomings (that I had pointed out earlier). But overall its a nice effort, and finally Ayaz Ahmed is content with Webmasters (because he had chosen this new committee himself!). Here is the mail he sent to the Webmasters:

From: “Ayaz Ahmed” ayaz.ahmed@n…>
To: “‘Rashda Mehmood'” rashda.mehmood@n…> “‘Webmasters [Khi]'” webmasters.khi@n…>
Subject: Keep it up — Now build upon this
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 09:57:04 +0500>
http://mycampus http://mycampus> — Impressive!
Congratulations Ms. Rashda, Rabia, Tafseer and the whole team…

So that was it! Everybody is one big nice happy family! The rest of the work is postponed till after the finals!

And did I tell about the Differential paper? All the more reasons for me to hate Dr. MI! He’s such a nerd! It was such a lengthy paper. And ofcourse not for me. I couldn’t complete most of the questions. Poor me. I just hope I dont flunk in it. Help me O God!


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