The assignment continues…

Finally I got the Red Hat cd. I decided on ver 7.2, although 8.0 and 9 were available too. The reasons? Well, the first reason: Hussain told me Red Hat 9 doesnt support certain NIC’s and other devices, and I though what the heck. But the more important reason was that RH 8 and 9 were on 3 cds, and RH 7.2 was on two, cost 25% less!
I have never installed Linux earlier. The Red Hat 6 that was on my box was installed by my elder brother. So I started the installation, and then stuck somewhere in between. Actually, Linux needs (as far as I think) the root partition to be of almost 2 GB, and I had 4 partitions each of 9 point something GB. So I had to move all my data from a (relatively) unused drive to other. Fixed the partition sizes again, made one of 2 GB and another for the rest of the space.
I am ready to try that again. And I have devoured lots of HOWTOs from the web. I already feel like a pro, yet without any particular experience.
Though I still don’t know what the assignment actually wants, I have a good idea now. The Linux ISO’s are actually boot images that could be written on a CD to get a bootable one, or they could be saved on the harddisk. Boot-images? You can boot from there on, to start with the installation.
That was in the problem statement: to install Linux iso’s and http availability via netstorage. So there goes one part of the problem. He probably wants us to install Linux through network (though I am yet to see what’s the use for that, we could equally well install it through CDs), and then run all the Zebra stuff.
So I’ll install it today if circumstances permit. I had downloaded that Zebra daemon earlier. Lets try it today. Got the spare LAN card (NIC) from Shazeb. I hope its working and Linux wouldn’t mess with their detection.


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