The Last day!

After a long while (err… was it only two days?), I am back! Was busy with hourlies (duh…!). I ve got one tomorrow. People call it Management. I call it bragging. Thanks to the instructor, we dont have much to study. He has lots of stories to tell, his past experiences with some pharmaceutical company, his stint as a manager, his policies he implemented and finally how he is striving to make our campus a better place. Like duh, as we were barely managing to get by without him!

I am awake since 7 in the morning. Its now 8 pm. Looks like the Espresso from the cafe did the work. But still I ll have to catch some sleep if I want to attempt the exam tomorrow.

But I haven’t got the text book! And he does gives questions from the book, fill in the blanks, true/false etc. I gotta get the book from somewhere. Life isn’t easy, eh?

Oh yeah I got the invitation to join the blog team (or whatever it is called) from my friend Faraz. It is called “The Ranting”. I dont know why it is called that. Or why is it there at all. Or whatever I would contribute to it. I dont think I can contribute to it, I dont get much time to write my blogs, let alone contribute to others. But still, what the heck if he feels better linking to me! No sweat! Fine with me!

Sleep is slowly taking its toll on me. My eyelids are dropping close. No use playing NFS anymore. I ll study in the night. Abhi to raat jawan hai! Adios Amigos, and whatever whatever.


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