Ti Amo! Its Dubya again in the White House! I dont know how the world would endure 4 more years of his reign as the world’s supercop! I dont blame him, I have no personal animosity or hatred against him. I know the kingmakers arent yet bored of him. Gee, I am not too sure of Kerry too. Would he have rolled back the Iraq and Afghanistan operations? I dont think so. Would the American policy of meddling in other countries’ affairs have been stopped? No! Old habits die hard. What difference does the kettle make over the pot? What difference it is if its Kerry or Bush? None, none at all!

Maybe its high time Ralph Nader gets a shot at White House. Think about it, he is campaigning since so many years, he isnt even short-listed. I dont feel pity for him, I just think he uses his green-whatever something during the four years for campaign money?


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